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the arrival of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe arrival of somethingthe arrival of somethinga) the time when a new idea, product etc is first used or discovered The demand for phone numbers has increased since the arrival of mobile phones. b) the time when an event or period of time starts to happen The arrival of winter can make many people feel depressed. arrival
Examples from the Corpus
the arrival of somethingThe biggest distraction of all, the arrival of Celtic's new manager Lou Macari.The usual button-down look of Washington has been brightened by the arrival of Hollywood celebrities.I am like a shipwrecked survivor holding fast to the debris, awaiting the arrival of the scheduled liner.Thus the time taken to unroll a carpet is very short compared with the time interval between the arrival of successive consignments.Scant public attention has greeted the arrival of the children.Best of all, Giselle Allen's Tatyana could mark the arrival of a star.Thinking it meant the arrival of a new doctor, she stopped to read the two names on it.Demand for telephone numbers has skyrocketed since the arrival of fax machines in offices.
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