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the bench

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe benchthe benchSCT a) the seat where a judge or magistrate sits in a court of law Would the prisoner please approach the bench? b) SCTthe position of being a judge or magistrate in a court of law He was appointed to the bench last year.sit/serve on the bench (=work as a judge or magistrate) bench
Examples from the Corpus
the benchHe was appointed to the bench in 1986.
the benchthe benchDSthe seat where members of a sports team sit when they are not playing in the game Batts and Dorigo are on the bench tonight. Simpson came off the bench to play in midfield. bench
Examples from the Corpus
on the benchJamie Pollock will be on the bench with the striker who does not have a starting role.We managed to win, even with Brian on the bench.I sat down on the bench and leaned back against the wall.The Derry reserve goalkeeper concedes that he has become something of a fixture on the bench but is uncomplaining.A glowing young man has seated himself on the bench.All eight justices on the bench for oral arguments had been picked up from their homes by court employees.A boy of sixteen, Charles sat on the bench by the window.She came to Oregon but was sure she would spend the next four years warming a spot on the bench.Then he put his feet up on the bench and snored for ten minutes.
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