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the best/biggest/fastest etc possible

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe best/biggest/fastest etc possiblethe best/biggest/fastest etc possiblePOSSIBLEthe best etc that can exist or be achieved Try to get the best possible price. What is the worst possible thing that could happen? possible
Examples from the Corpus
the best/biggest/fastest etc possibleThis at once enhances the contribution which the court or parents can make towards reaching the best possible decision in all the circumstances.The additional value farmers receive is the best possible free advice on both inputs and marketing.Any successful entrepreneurial venture starts with making sure that the entrepreneur is in the best possible mental and physical health.Obviously, the purpose is to ensure that the best possible pensions arrangements are reached.But the psychologist was never confident that he had obtained the best possible scores from Nelson.That way it will have the best possible start in life.For a moment, I imagined the best possible to the worst possible reply.The horrifying news sent the Ciprianos on a nationwide search to find the best possible treatment for their daughter.
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