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the best of both worlds

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe best of both worldsthe best of both worldsADVANTAGEa situation in which you have the advantages of two different things without any of the disadvantages They live in a village but it’s only an hour from London, so they have the best of both worlds. best
Examples from the Corpus
the best of both worldsAnd taking into account the prices of both the ME-6 and ME-10 they really are the best of both worlds.An arrangement like this can often be the best of both worlds.All in all, a great place to enjoy the best of both worlds.You get the best of both worlds in a job like this: use your strong back and your agile mind.But if the eye can remain open without being seen, then the prey has the best of both worlds.Supporters say this type of extended day is the best of both worlds.This is the best of both worlds.Used in conjunction with a moisturising conditioner, it will give your lank locks the best of both worlds.Job-sharing gives me the best of both worlds - I can be with my children and keep my professional status.
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