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the biggest/best/nicest etc something going

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe biggest/best/nicest etc something goingthe biggest/best/nicest etc something goingEXISTthe biggest, best etc of a particular thing It’s some of the best beer going. going
Examples from the Corpus
the biggest/best/nicest etc something goingIts got to be the best ticket office going.A few hundred metres off-shore we congregate so that Tor can explain the best way of going ashore.What is the best way of going forward? - Ideas from within I hear you say!But in those years, they were always the team with the best record going into the playoffs.There was a wide range of scores with the best individual score going to George McCallum of Douglas Reyburn with 37 points.This, so I was led to believe, was the best it was going to get.Are the best bargains going to petrol buyers?Perhaps the biggest thing going was the harp played by JoAnn Turovsky, sounding positively, well, huge.
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