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the blues

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe bluesthe blues[plural] informalSAD/UNHAPPY feelings of sadness A lot of women get the blues after the baby is born. blue
Examples from the Corpus
the bluesThat s why everybody digs the blues.The blonde midfield ace scored two quickfire goals in a minute to rescue this opening Gold Cup tie for the Blues.Or as Gay Byrne knows, even Catholic housewives get the blues.I often get the blues in February, before the spring arrives.A lot of women get the blues after the baby is born.Most people know what it's like to have the Monday morning blues.It's very common for new mothers to have a fit of the blues after giving birth.The elegant spring spires of delphiniums are perhaps the truest of the blues.Her voice was good and strong and the sound - she sang the blues - shivered through the house like a charge.You want the blues? asked Pryor, leaning back in his chair.Louis, Gretzky said he has had no conversations with the Blues.
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