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the bottom

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe bottomthe bottomLOWEST PARTBOTTOMthe lowest part of something opp the topthe bottom of Can you hold the bottom of the ladder for me?at the bottom (of something) Grandma was standing at the bottom of the stairs. at the bottom of the page Go downstairs and wait for me at the bottom.the bottom of the page/screen There should be a menu bar at the bottom of your screen. bottom
Examples from the Corpus
the bottom of the page/screenIn addition to ads, the screen saver features the information crawl at the bottom of the screen.The outline of its fibre-sinews flickered in viridian, while diagnostic ikons marched across the bottom of the screen.The scale line now appears at the bottom of the screen.Video images may be previewed either in the icon boxes at the bottom of the screen or in the main window.Game Menu Play Match - Starts the game shown at the bottom of the screen.She hadn't been able to read the signature at the bottom of the page, and that seemed wrong, somehow.Often, you came up with an inch or two of empty space at the bottom of the page.At the bottom of the page, put the place or location of the project.
the bottomthe bottomLOWEST POSITIONLOW POSITION OR RANKthe lowest position in an organization or company opp the topthe bottom of The Giants are at the bottom of the league.the bottom of the ladder/pile/heap (=the lowest position in society, an organization etc) Immigrants were at the bottom of the pile. Higgins had started at the bottom (=in a low position in a company) and worked his way up to become managing director.second/third etc from bottom United currently lie second from bottom of the Premier League. bottom
Examples from the Corpus
second/third etc from bottomWorse still, Forest are third from bottom, having conceded more goals in their opening five matches than any team.They remain third from bottom with Oxford, who have played one less game, now just one point behind.I can now reveal that if we remain second from bottom we will not be relegated.
the bottomthe bottomSEA/RIVERHEOthe ground under a sea, river etc, or the flat land in a valleythe bottom of The bottom of the pool is very slippery.at/on the bottom (of something) A body was found at the bottom of the canal.the sea/river bottom fish living on the sea bottom bottom
Examples from the Corpus
the sea/river bottomBut before they emerge as adults they have a rather longer incarnation as larvae walking about the river bottom.So, the bikers party at the River Bottom Saloon and camp in trucks and tents behind it.Fisheries are sustained by the plankton which depends upon a constant re-cycling of nutrients stirred up from the sea bottom.In the river bottom, where we finally stopped, the grass was above the door handles.My shin had struck a boulder on the river bottom during my spill.Fish living on the sea bottom benefit by being flat and hugging the contours.In the shedding season, the river bottoms would often be ankle-deep in buffalo hair.If the photographs are to be believed, the water is azure blue and clear to the sea bottom.