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the boys

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe boysthe boys[plural] informalGROUP OF PEOPLE a group of men who are friends and often go out together Friday is his night out with the boys. He considers himself just one of the boys (=not anyone special, but liked by other men). boy
Examples from the Corpus
one of the boysI've always just wanted to be one of the boys.And time out: Another blow for the girl who just wants to be one of the boys.There, they rehearsed, improvised, went camping and played, with Williams becoming one of the boys.The other day, one of the boys wanted Reeboks.Relatives could sue, they tell me, if one of the boys fell in and drown while he was on board.To quiet things down, she often has to order one of the boys to stand in a corner.I swing one of the boys in the air, then give two others a piggy-back ride down the corridor.Unashamed nepotism ensured that one of the boys became Archbishop of St Andrews while still a minor.There, after an initial adjustment, he was one of the boys.
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