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the bright lights

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe bright lightsthe bright lightsEXCITEDthe interesting exciting life in a big city She missed the bright lights of London. bright
Examples from the Corpus
the bright lightsFirst I turned off the brightest lights.It had to be the cold air and the bright lights against the darkness.Under the bright lights in the train, both boy and man look pale, lifeless.Instead Elizabeth spent a year at business college in St Albans before joining the bright lights of London's magazine world.Young Gilbey's passion was cars and he skipped going to university to move to the bright lights of London.He gestured toward the street, the bright lights of Osaka shining before us.Self- imposed pressure Lately, she has wondered if her message is getting lost in the bright lights of television.In the bright lights of the foyer his face was clearly illuminated.
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