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the bulk (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe bulk (of something)the bulk (of something)MAINMOSTthe main or largest part of something The bulk of consumers are based in towns. bulk
Examples from the Corpus
the bulk (of something)The bulk of the book is about his experiences in Vietnam.Because of the substantial practical advantages, the bulk of this chapter will be devoted to covert sensitization.Note how the knees are still flexed and the bulk of the body weight has moved to the right.That would leave the bulk of the bag free for the plutonium 239 and the firing mechanism John had described.Petrus Partners, a venture capital firm, provided the bulk of the financing.He would accept 20% of these offerings insisting that the bulk he kept for children and dependents.They live only in warm parts of the world, the bulk of them in the tropics.
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