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the burden of proof

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe burden of proofthe burden of proofPROVE law the duty to prove that something is true burden
Examples from the Corpus
the burden of proofThis is similar to a negligence test, but in the statutory action the burden of proof is on the employer.Is the potential for misidentification any less when the defence bear the burden of proof?Is that because of the racial difference or the difference in the burden of proof in criminal and civil cases?Gullibility is another name for misplacing the burden of proof.Moreover both counsel would shortly before the summing-up have reminded the jury of the burden of proof.There is the important question of the reversal of the burden of proof.Here the prospect of building an ethic on spontaneity and awareness brings about an unexpected shift of the burden of proof.People even disagree on whether the burden of proof here lies with the atheists or the believers.
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