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the charts

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe chartsthe chartsthe lists, which come out weekly, of the most popular records Her new single went straight to number one in the pop charts. Brooks again topped the charts (=was the most popular).chart hit/success/star etc the Beatles’ first chart hit chart
Examples from the Corpus
the chartsIs it now time to throw away the charts and graphs, have a ceremonial burning of the diary?He sold millions of records, with 54 songs hitting the charts.But the parody was mistaken for the real thing, and the songs made the charts.The song remains number one on the pop charts.A new album, 1965, was released on Columbia in 1999 but failed to set the charts alight.On a long cruise the courtesy ensigns can cost more than the charts and wear out quicker.And then Murray would go to the charts.Technology aside, Boston topped the charts for the game with a 10. 8 rating.They would have used the charts even if no one else did.
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