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the chop

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe chopthe chopBritish English a) LEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATIONif you get or are given the chop, you lose your job Six more staff got the chop last week. I might be for the chop (=lose my job). b) STOP HAPPENINGif something gets or is given the chop, it is closed or stopped because people do not want to pay for it anymore The project might get the chop. This factory might now be for the chop (=likely to be closed). chop
Examples from the Corpus
for the chopAftermarket race exhaust cans and systems would be for the chop as well.Most are destined for the chop.So who's next for the chop?As Audrey well knew, it could have been her or Gail or Sally for the chop.If the caddie got it wrong more than twice, he was for the chop!Souness might have singled out Wright for the chop but he was in no mood to spare his team-mates from criticism.All you could do deep down was to pray it wouldn't be you for the chop.
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