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the Coastguard

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Coastguardthe CoastguardTTWSSOthe organization that helps swimmers and ships that are in danger and helps to prevent illegal activities around the coast the Coastguard station at Stornoway Contact the Coastguard immediately if you see a boat in trouble. coastguard
Examples from the Corpus
the CoastguardWhen he reached the Land Rover, which the coastguards were unloading, he acknowledged them briefly and walked on.But the Coastguard spokesman said that about five tonnes of diesel had escaped into the sea.Contact the coastguard immediately if the situation warrants it.We have increased the amount being spent on the coastguard service and a good coastguard service is available to our coastline.When he got to Hawaii he would supply the Coastguard Communications Centre with a complete update on our status.In that case, said the captain, we must be sure to report our position daily to the Coastguard in California.Our contact with the Coastguard was simply precautionary.
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