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the community

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe communitythe communitySOCIETYsociety and the people in it The trend is towards reintegrating mentally ill people into the community.the international community (=all the countries of the world) The president appealed to the international community for aid for the flood victims. community
Examples from the Corpus
the international communityA range of international treaties makes governments, armed groups and the international community responsible for putting these rights into practice.But the international community was either blind or prepared to condone what we went through.The Convention on Climate Change has become one of the most important treaties concluded by the international community.In Dakar the international community will review its collective failure.A clear warning from the international community about Dubrovnik is long overdue.Prof Wilkinson points out that the international community might not decry unilateralist intervention provided that it approves of the outcome.
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