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the Continent

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Continentthe ContinentBritish English old-fashionedSG Western Europe, not including the British Isles continent
Examples from the Corpus
the ContinentBy 1980 the continent was pretty much divided ideologically, with the United States gaining an upper hand over the Soviet adventurists.Partly inspired by the Village Voice, across the continent, he developed the one-off.The more the continents are exposed to weathering, the more carbon dioxide is drawn down from the atmosphere.They are mainly seen in pub gardens and street cafes on the continent to offer shade and add colour.Such textiles as these are found on the Continent between the fifth and the eighth centuries.The restructuring that we are seeing is mirrored on the continent.Its surface is carved in some detail and lettered to show the continents and oceans.It took a full forty-eight hours to span the continent from New York to Los Angeles.
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