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(the) conventional/received/traditional etc wisdom

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(the) conventional/received/traditional etc wisdom(the) conventional/received/traditional etc wisdomOPINIONa belief or opinion that most people have The conventional wisdom is that boys mature more slowly than girls. wisdom
Examples from the Corpus
(the) conventional/received/traditional etc wisdomWe repudiated entirely customary morals, conventions and traditional wisdom.Clear-thinking organizations rely on cost justification to reveal these truths, even if they run counter to current plans and conventional wisdom.Evidence introduced to bolster orthodoxy in one field frequently carried unforeseen implications for conventional wisdom in another.That is all as it should be: but there are some dangers in conventional wisdom.He set out a scenario which ran against the conventional wisdom at the time.Under the stress of circumstance, the conventional wisdom is rejected.This pre-eminently is an occasion when we would expect the conventional wisdom to lose touch with the reality.Nothing is more completely accepted in the conventional wisdom than the cliche that economic life is endlessly and inherently uncertain.
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