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the cool

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe coolthe coolCOLDa temperature that is pleasantly coldthe cool of They went for a stroll in the cool of the evening. cool
Examples from the Corpus
cool ofThat said, they did attract an audience decked out in all the cool of high fashion.Others sat out on carpets beneath the shady trees enjoying the cool of the evening.From the cool of this cloister the island-dotted sea shimmered in the sunlight.It was Sippy Suds, his horrendous odors mysteriously absent in the cool of the night.I was anxious to head off in the cool of the day but Chutra dawdled infuriatingly.Emily unlocked the door and moved into the cool of the hallway, putting down her bag gratefully.You see, it can even happen to the coolest of dudes.The occasional guard braved the discomfort for a few minutes before retiring to the cool of the corridors.
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