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the covers

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe coversthe covers[plural]DF the sheets etc that you put over yourself when you are in bed The covers had slipped off in the night. cover
Examples from the Corpus
the coversShe threw back the covers, and climbed in.With a cross little sound in the back of her throat, she irritably kicked the covers aside.But this morning I hear McMurphy out there in the latrine as I come out of the covers.Not even the glasses and scarf could completely hide a face that had been on the covers of magazines.You're always stealing the covers!He'd just hit me for two huge sixes, then slapped me savagely through the covers.Turning off the light, she slid back under the covers and closed her eyes to sleep fitfully until noon.Antoinette's legs and feet twitched under the covers, would suddenly throw themselves from side to side.She sets the telephone close, she tucks up the covers.
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