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the crook of your arm

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe crook of your armthe crook of your armHBHthe part of your arm where it bends crook
Examples from the Corpus
the crook of your armOne of them was cradling a sub-machine-gun in the crook of his arm.With a big sign she lay her head in the crook of his arm and closed her eyes.Carey stood up, the fish held in the crook of his arm, as you would hold an infant.Mortified, she turned her face and hid it in the crook of her arm.He carried his jacket in the crook of his arm.The army ride round in jeeps, rifles in the crooks of their arms.When he returned, he was carrying four good-sized rocks in the crook of his arm.Thérèse clasped the biscuit tin in the crook of her arm.His ripped jacket was draped over the crook of his arm.
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