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the culmination of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe culmination of somethingthe culmination of somethingFINISH DOING somethingsomething, especially something important, that happens at the end of a long period of effort or development This little book represented the culmination of 15 years’ work. culmination
Examples from the Corpus
the culmination of somethingThe Silver Helm Knights are the culmination of thousands of years of experience in mounted combat.The sampling at the station was performed approximately 2 weeks before the culmination of the spring bloom.The nurse brings to the relationship herself as a unique human being, the culmination of her particular life experiences.The deal marked the culmination of years of negotiation with the city authorities.This marked the culmination of a pro-democracy campaign launched by opposition groups in February 1990.The same approach is applied to the whole body of a three-quarter length figure, which is the culmination of the series.The blue I used to make, she thought to herself, was the culmination of a sequence.It was the culmination of two years of mounting media attention for Beattie.
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