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the darling of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe darling of somethingthe darling of somethingPOPULARthe most popular person or thing in a particular group or area of activity She’s the darling of the fashion world. darling
Examples from the Corpus
the darling of somethingI was born six months later and immediately became the darling of my doting grandmother.Read in studio Five young men with a passion for music are all set to become the darlings of the pop world.A new bureaucracy, the darling of the administration that establishes it, has a missionary zeal about its function.Tech is the darling of growth managers.The husband is described as a yacht-sailing tycoon who is the darling of the New York tabloid newspapers.In 1986, Dixons was the darling of the City.Viennese-born Stroheim never was the darling of the studios because he was so ruthlessly extravagant.Reno was the darling of the New York club scene.Archibol and Banks were the darlings of the new generation of patriots on the island.
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