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the death of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe death of somethingthe death of somethingthe permanent end of something opp birth The latest bombing is the death of all our hopes. These regulations could spell the death (=lead to the end) of the American car industry. death
Examples from the Corpus
the death of somethingthe death of American slaverythe death of the Soviet UnionAfter the death of his father, Ross came to London in 1872 with his family, where they settled.After the death of his father, she had persecuted him towards her image of perfection.Few events in life are as traumatic as the death of a spouse.This seemed to us to have been conditioned largely by the death of his father when he was nine years old.Two different game scenarios for the death of the boy genius.He was taking over the enquiry into the death of Angelica Standish, he said.He had it explained to him, and was told only that the death of Robespierre had brought a considerable change.Kapsack said acute cocaine toxicity may have contributed to the death of some of the seven people studied in the report.
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