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the depths

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe depthsthe depthsliteraryDEEP the deepest parts of the sea depth
Examples from the Corpus
the depthsWelcome to the C of E premiership and the depths of its first division.They can also help a floundering organization extricate itself from the depths of a self-inflicted malaise.As I hiked around the volcano, clouds of steam rose up from the depths of the Earth.She married my father in 1932, in the depths of the Depression.And there's some nihilistic glint in the depths of those blue eyes.Dionysus retreated before him and even took refuge from him in the depths of the sea.Who knows what creatures live in the depths of the ocean?Though his features looked as if they'd been carved from stone, in the depths of his gaze something stirred.The shelves come to an abrupt stop as the protruding land masses plunge into the depths.He is unaware of the depths of her feelings and unable to conceive of himself as repulsive.
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