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the dishes

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe dishesthe dishesDFUall the plates, cups, bowls etc that have been used to eat a meal and need to be washeddo/wash the dishes I’ll just do the dishes before we go.RegisterIn everyday English, people often use the expression do the washing-up (BrE) or do the dishes (AmE), rather than wash the dishes. dish
Examples from the Corpus
do/wash the dishesThe man will more often take out the garbage, wash the dishes, and do other chores around the house.Deborah and I washed the dishes, then sat beside each other at the kitchen table, our legs almost touching.I washed the dishes and took a Brillo pad to the stove.Such a performance ensures she need never do the dishes.No, we never wash the dishes until morning.Afterwards, she helped Penelope wash the dishes, commenting that she had been a dishwasher also at one time.Our task will be to wash the dishes later and I warn you there will be plenty.They're more prepared to do the dishes or change nappies.She even let the school-leavers who washed the dishes and cleared the tables look straight into her eyes.
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