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the dock

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe dockthe dockSCTthe part of a law court where the person who is charged with a crime standsin the dock Three defendants stood in the dock. dock
Examples from the Corpus
in the dockIn the dock at Craigavon Crown Court was Richard Ellis (21) who denies the murder.The submersible rose higher in the dock, the overflowing sea rushing like a tide over their boots.Wearing open-neck, light blue-striped shirts, the pair stood alongside each other in the dock.The Masai, Tepilit, is standing handcuffed between two policemen in the dock as the circuit judge enters.He sat in the dock dressed in a white shirt, dark blue tie and grey cardigan.Smith sat sobbing and shaking in the dock with a prison officer between her and her father as the case was heard.The three older defendants stood in the dock flanked by police officers.The first forcibly draws the reader's attention to the changing costing scene that has placed traditional costing systems in the dock.
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