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the east

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe eastthe eastSGthe eastern part of a country or area housing problems in the eastthe east of the east of Scotland east
Examples from the Corpus
east ofIn the east of the country they live on fortified ranches protected by private sub-machine-gun toting armies.From Watersmeet take the path signed Hillsford Bridge and head south on the east of the river.Both lived in Coahoma, a hamlet of about 1,200 residents 10 miles to the east of Big Spring.After breakfast and morning prayers, John left to dig peats on the muir to the east of his home.It was perched on a small promontory to the east of the town, overlooking the bay.The very name of this comely and quite small village which is situated to the east of Kingston upon Hull attracts attention.
the Eastthe Easta) SANthe countries in Asia, especially China and Japan Martial arts originated in the East. b) SANthe countries in the eastern part of Europe and Central Asia American relations with the East. c) American EnglishSG the part of the US east of the Mississippi River, especially the states north of Washington DC She was born in the East but now lives in Atlanta. He was born in Utah but went to college back East. East
Examples from the Corpus
the EastShe was born in the East, somewhere in New Jersey, but now lives in California.The martial arts originated in the East.American relations with the East were at their worst in the late 1950s.
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