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the Electoral College

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Electoral Collegethe Electoral Collegea group of people chosen by the votes of the people in each US state, who come together to elect the president, or a similar group in other countries electoral college
Examples from the Corpus
the Electoral CollegeAs the rule book insists, 12 weeks will elapse before the electoral college is convened.The outcome, in the electoral college, is likely to be quite close.Instead, the candidates have to put together a jigsaw puzzle of states, bagging their votes in the electoral college.The most obvious example is the electoral college, the phantom body that stands between voters and the final outcome.That would deliver almost half of the trade union votes - 40 percent of the electoral college.However, as it is for any poll, the Electoral College outlook is a snapshot in time, not a prediction.If the system had been built on popular votes rather than the electoral college, each would have pursued a different strategy.Even under the electoral college rules, this achievement ought to make Gore the next president.
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