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the embodiment of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe embodiment of somethingthe embodiment of somethingTYPICALsomeone or something that represents or is very typical of an idea or quality syn epitome He is the embodiment of evil. embodiment
Examples from the Corpus
the embodiment of somethingWhen Colangelo arrived, the embodiment of all that was Arizonan was Sen.Mrs Thatcher appeared to see herself as the embodiment of revenge upon a whole generation of social engineers.On the contrary: I took great delight in my thinness and saw it as the embodiment of my strength and virtue.Certainly Lady Lisa might stand as the embodiment of the old fancy, the symbol of the modern idea.Team members arrive with a policy which, in their eyes, is the embodiment of that approach.She is the embodiment of the divine cosmic power of destruction.Many people think Wall Street is the embodiment of greed.It is that of the embodiment of evil, of pathological hatred and unreason.Besides, this mild-appearing young man was the embodiment of every quality he admired.
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