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the end of the road/line

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe end of the road/linethe end of the road/lineFINISH/COME TO AN ENDthe end of a process, activity, or state Our marriage had reached the end of the line. end
Examples from the Corpus
the end of the road/lineAt the end of the line, the local authority careers service is called in to rescue what remains of this shambles.At the end of the road, a four-foot-tall rock cairn stands between us and the beach.This is the end of the road for Pharaoh and his people.The sale marks the end of the line for the 61-year-old chain, which has had a rocky recent history.Had the mighty champions really reached the end of the road?Disappointed, I dragged myself to the end of the line.Hop on over to the end of the road and give her a tinkle.For river people all along the Missouri and Mississippi valleys, Fort Benton was the end of the line.Monday's loss was the end of the line for Martin, who finished third in the tournament.
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