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the end of your tether/rope

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe end of your tether/ropethe end of your tether/ropethe point at which you are so angry and tired of a situation that you can no longer deal with it Frustrated and bitter, Hogan had reached the end of his tether with politics. end
Examples from the Corpus
the end of your tether/ropeThe court heard they were both at the end of their tether.However, at other times I feel at the end of my tether.By then Diana was truly at the end of her tether.Five hours later Mr Humble was at the end of his tether.By the time Katherine and Gary came to see me, they were at the end of their rope.With all that had happened with Anthony, he was near the end of his tether.Rich, meanwhile, has come to the end of his rope on these negotiations.Of course, when Carl walked to the end of his rope, he fell like a load of bricks.
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