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the equator

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe equatorthe equatoran imaginary line drawn around the middle of the Earth that is exactly the same distance from the North Pole and the South Poleon/at/near the equator a small village near the equator equator
Examples from the Corpus
on/at/near the equatorWith what-all they're doing to this planet down at the equator, there's some weird stuff happening up here.And here at the equator, we noted, it was 85 degrees, with cloudless sky and tropical breezes.Temperatures on Mercury reach as high as 700 K at the equator.The sun, moon, and planets pass almost directly overhead at the Equator.Thus, at consecutive perihelion passages, opposite points on the equator pointed at the Sun.The line on Venus is fixed to its surface at the equator.A maximum velocity at the equator reduces to a theoretical nil at the poles.
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