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the essentials

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe essentialsthe essentials[plural]MAIN the basic and most important information or facts about a particular subjectthe essentials of We have no reason to doubt the essentials of the girl’s story. essential
Examples from the Corpus
the essentialsthe essentials of English grammarOf course, shows have changed, but the essentials are still in place.Not a stick of furniture, no anglepoise lamp, but the essentials are there.In contrast, the sea leaves no marks and man can then contemplate the essentials of life.He reduced this approach to six principles, which make a good summary of the essentials of political Realism.It will improve their lives by providing the essentials.For Ure, however, special expertise is less important than the essentials of contact and clout.But the self-made billionaire is an autocrat who seems not to understand the essentials of democracy.Second phase With the essentials complete, the second phase of the project - to improve overall appearance, is well under way.
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