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the establishment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe establishmentthe establishmentPGthe group of people in a society or profession who have a lot of power and influence and are often opposed to any kind of change or new ideas Young people are supposed to rebel against the Establishment.the medical/legal/military etc establishment The public is treated with contempt by the art establishment. establishment
Examples from the Corpus
the medical/legal/military etc establishmentLoyal party followers viewed Deri as a scapegoat in the scandal for both Likud Party operatives and the legal establishment.As the medical establishment tightened its monopoly on diagnosis and prescription, it also expanded the area under its control.These Districts contain the most prestigious teaching hospitals, which are staffed by the medical establishment.And that tosses it into the lap of the medical establishment.Leaders of the military establishment do not, any more than their civilian colleagues, define their economy by its defects.Despite the growing protests of the medical establishment, boxing still thrives at the championship level.Shockingly, the medical establishment is responding.The last traces of independence within the military establishment were removed and the State's powers of coercion greatly enhanced.
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