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the facilities

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe facilitiesthe facilitiesAmerican English spoken the toilet, used to be polite Excuse me, I have to use the facilities. facility
Examples from the Corpus
the facilitiesOver the years they have significantly enhanced the quality of the education and the facilities available to our students.The base soon sparkled from end to end, and the facilities slowly took shape inside.There is a vast range, and the facilities and opportunities offered by these vary considerably.Sometimes it is difficult to get people involved, but the facilities are there for those who wish to partake.In all cases the facilities will be used for the purposes of the University.More separate provision is being provided and many authorities make good use of the facilities made available by voluntary organizations.Those who do not may find that the facilities of the markets are withheld from them.Excuse me, I have to use the facilities.There is an emphasis on browsing through nodes via links rather than on con-tent addressing where the facilities are often quite limited.
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