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the fact remains

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe fact remainsthe fact remainsIN FACTused to emphasize that what you are saying about a situation is true and people must realize this The fact remains that the number of homeless people is rising daily. fact
Examples from the Corpus
the fact remainsThe fact remains that without raising taxes we won't be able to pay for any of these programs.I know Benson has a Ph.D., but the fact remains that he has no practical experience.But the fact remains that the safeguards themselves do not prevent the government using civil plutonium for defence purposes.But the fact remains that we are limited to inferring what the experiences of other brains are like from our own case.But the fact remains that Wolf and the tendency Wolf represented made an inward-looking discipline possible and, ultimately, respectable.But the fact remains: Corn is an inherent ingredient in our traditional larder.But, the fact remains that they are.None the less the fact remains that the presence of descent groups tells us nothing directly about domestic organization.Nevertheless, the fact remains that the extent to which they are genuinely accountable locally is entirely within their own discretion.Still, the fact remains that Tolkien did produce a narrative of entrelacement.
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