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the fact (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe fact (that)the fact (that)TRUEused when talking about a situation and saying that it is true Our decision to build the museum in Hartlepool was influenced by the fact that there were no national museums in the North East. He refused to help me, despite the fact that I asked him several times.given the fact (that)/in view of the fact (that) (=used when saying that a particular fact influences your judgment about something or someone) Given the fact that this is their first game, I think they did pretty well.due to the fact (that)/owing to the fact (that) (=because) The school’s poor exam record is largely due to the fact that it is chronically underfunded. The fact we didn’t win when we were so close is very disappointing. fact
Examples from the Corpus
the fact (that)There are exceptions, but the fact that information is held in confidence is not as such a sufficient reason for exemption.But the fact is that none of these are visions of what I recognize as life.He refused to help me despite the fact that I've done many things for him.Even the fact that she suggested that they get married shows that she was living in a fantasy world.Bellends: I liked the fact that as both ends are the same you have four choices of entrance.Surely, the fact that he was out here, calmly taking a holiday, might be an encouraging sign?It is due to the fact that they are six years old.He remembered those pot-bellied children in Nairobi and he wanted the facts.Associated with this, I feel, was the fact that he never suffered from jet-lag.
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