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the factory floor

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe factory floorthe factory floora) the area in a factory where goods are made b) the ordinary workers in a factory, rather than the managerson the factory floor There’s been a lot of talk on the factory floor (=among the ordinary workers) about more layoffs. factory floor
Examples from the Corpus
on the factory floorDown on the factory floor, automatic control had the expected virtue of moderating high-powered energy sources as mentioned earlier.The unions had almost no influence on the factory floor and were ineffective in collective bargaining.With his revolutionary production line process Henry reduced his workers to being merely the most sophisticated machines on the factory floor.The roof of things has fallen in - these paprika patches on the factory floor are corrugated remnants of protective tin.But socialism was doomed unless power remained on the factory floor and flowed upwards, rather than downwards.They'd rather sit on the factory floor and eat their snap, without even washing their hands.There's been a lot of talk on the factory floor about more layoffs in the spring.
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