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the Fall

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Fallthe Fall (also the fall)RRC the occasion in the Bible when God punished Adam and Eve by making them leave the Garden of Eden fall
Examples from the Corpus
the FallThe fall potential on this wall is greater than the length of the climbs as well!He lost his wife for a time, but after the fall of Troy he got her back.This parliament was also dissolved by decree, and a third Duma was elected and convened in the fall of 1907.What is truly disconcerting about the story is the result of the fall, and the divine purpose behind it.The story of the Garden, therefore, records not only the fall of man, but the fall of language.It shows the fall in average costs as numbers increase by one additional individual.The present plan is for Liddy to take the fall for everyone.She had a pain in her chest that was not due to the fall, it was fear.