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the far left/right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe far left/rightthe far left/rightPPGpeople who have extreme left-wing or right-wing political opinions The candidate for the far right got ten percent of the vote. far
Examples from the Corpus
the far left/rightFor now, at least, the cause of tax simplification seems to have been captured by the far right.The top of the hierarchy is at the far left.He unplugged the cables, shoved all the levers over to the far left, and rewound the tape.That Begin had come from the far right, but that in order to govern he has to occupy the center.The activities of the far right have been a cause for concern over here for a while now.The good tee shot was played to the far right of the fairway to set up a second shot to the left.The libertarian view A third view of the revolution has been developed by writers on the far Left of the political spectrum.However, the fact that the far right won more votes than the far-left should make everyone pause and reflect.
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