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the far north/south etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe far north/south etcthe far north/south etcAREAthe part of a country or area that is furthest in the direction of north, south etc It will become windy in the far north and west. far
Examples from the Corpus
the far north/south etcI wanted to go to Sunderland because it is in my own region, the far north.This would require the sun to be in the far north.The ancient realm of Solland in the far south and Drakwald in the north no longer exist and consequently have no counts.It will become windy in the far north and west, and remain warm in the south.This is the largest gallery and the farthest South found in the Survey.The decline of the maple began in 1912, in Pennsylvania, and reached the far north in 1932.The climatic extremes of the far north mean that forests take a long time to regenerate.The underground realm was connected by tunnels stretching from the far north to the south beyond the Old World itself.
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