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the far side/end/corner etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe far side/end/corner etcthe far side/end/corner etcFARthe side, end etc that is furthest from you opp near They crossed the bridge and walked along the far side of the stream. There was a piano in the far corner of the room. far
Examples from the Corpus
the far side/end/corner etcGetting into the precarious cable car, the ebullient engineer had himself hauled to the far side and back again.The Ocean-Warming Piglet Long ago, on the far side of our planet, there lived a farmer named Li-pin.He caught a last glimpse of a grey Mercedes on the far side of the central barrier railings.There was a barn at the far end of the hay meadow, away from the house and the other barns.At the far end of the house, where her voice had faded, he heard a faucet going on.The young man at the far end of the loom glanced at Maggie, and for an instant their eyes locked.Just then, he saw some one walk out of the trees which bordered the far side of the pasture.The one bed that was occupied was at the far end of the ward.
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