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the following example/way etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe following example/way etcthe following example/way etcAFTERthe example, way etc that will be mentioned next Payment may be made in any of the following ways: cheque, cash, or credit card. following
Examples from the Corpus
the following example/way etcAn illustration of the problems and possible solutions is provided by the following example.In general terms, the distinction between education and training can be formulated in the following way.Section 6 has been interpreted in the following ways.This can be seen in the following examples.Look at the following examples and compare your answers with them.This is known as the package index and is obtained in the following way for each package: 1.But there are alternative ways to teach and learn, as witnessed by the following examples of classrooms of commitment and conviction.In each of the following ways tracking hinders rather than helps chil-dren learn: 1.
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