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the foot of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe foot of somethingthe foot of somethingBOTTOMthe lowest or bottom part of somethingthe foot of the stairs/ladder etc He walked to the foot of the stairs.the foot of a mountain/cliff etc a small cottage at the foot of the hillat the foot of something a large wooden trunk at the foot of his bed The date is shown at the foot of the page. foot
Examples from the Corpus
at the foot of somethingShe put her socks and shoes at attention at the foot of the chair.Claire ranges back and forth at the foot of the bed, throwing her arms around for emphasis.My first thought was that this was Dad lying at the foot of the stairs having killed himself.They can be used in front of a sofa or at the foot of the bed.They stood beside a small, gurgling pool at the foot of the altar and professed their faith.But Jim Magilton's penalty was brilliantly saved by Martin Taylor at the foot of the post.The big lake yonder at the foot of the rounded mountains is Webb Lake.
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