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the fray

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe fraythe frayARGUEan argument or fight Three civilians were injured during the fray.into the fray He launched himself into the fray.join/enter the fray The other soldiers quickly joined the fray, launching missile attacks in the city. fray
Examples from the Corpus
into the frayBut the outcome is neither random, nor completely orderly: probability has entered into the fray.Thousands of ordinary people were forced into the fray.Then King jumped into the fray and tried to persuade Republicans to replace Gingrich with Rep.Finally, Yusuf led into the fray his own Black Guards, consisting of 4000 men.Your first impulse was to step into the fray, select a likely teacher, and present yourself for instruction.Luckily, the boys heard the scuffle and ran out to throw themselves into the fray.The state-controlled television threw itself vigorously into the fray.
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