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the Galaxy

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Galaxythe GalaxyHAthe large group of stars which our Sun and its planets belong to galaxy
Examples from the Corpus
the GalaxyBeauty inside her, and the beauty was light that came in sizes which spanned the galaxies or spun inside electrons.It starts at zero and eventually the galaxies are moving apart at a steady speed.With a yet slower rhythm than the polar ice, the tides of civilization ebbed and flowed across the galaxy.Celebrity Cruises, which just introduced its Century, will add the Galaxy, a 1,870-passenger vessel in December.The farther the galaxy, the redder its light, and so the faster it is receding.After that there will be no life in the Galaxy except humans.Now they were lords of the galaxy, and beyond the reach of time.He was not aware of a jugular vein delicately connecting the forty billion of Trantor with the rest of the Galaxy.
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