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the gents

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe gentsthe gentsBritish EnglishTOILET a public toilet for men syn men’s room American English gent
Examples from the Corpus
the gentsLorraine Gabriel, prosecuting, said McMeekin walked through the checkout without paying and left the bottle in the gents.As if in a corny fiction, it is in the gents that we first identify each other and introduce ourselves.In the Gents there is sick all over the floor.I picked my way through the noisy tables and went into the Gents.So we sparred to the grim amusement and wild consternation of the ladies, the sober evaluation of the gents."Where's Kevin?" "He went to the gents."Unfortunately, the gents had bad luck.Mary visited the Gents and returned, groaning and holding his head.
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