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the genuine article

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe genuine articlethe genuine articlea) informal a person or thing that is a true example of their type If you want to meet a real Southerner, Jake is the genuine article. b) something that is real and is not a copy intended to deceive people Some fake designer clothes are so good that people have no idea they’re not buying the genuine article. genuine
Examples from the Corpus
the genuine articleHe owns a 1947 Ferrari -- the genuine article.These shops are trying to pass discount trainers from way beck when as the genuine article.If you ever wanted to meet a cowgirl, Katy was the genuine article.But can shoppers tell when they're getting the genuine article?Problems aside, at least this set offers the genuine article.Of course he was the genuine article, a great champion whose pride would not allow him to give anything but his best.And he is the genuine article, an original who succeeds in looking ahead by looking way back.Before you settle for less than the genuine article, compare the price.With paintings it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the genuine article from a good reproduction.The makers of the genuine article have agreed to let Oxfam pass the shoes on to refugees who are desperate for footwear.The paternoster I use is the genuine article, which entails a long bomb length and a short hook length.
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