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the girls

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe girlsthe girlsinformalWOMAN a group of women who are friends and often go out together I’m going out with the girls tonight. girl
Examples from the Corpus
the girlsAll the girls kept photographs of their parents perched prominently on the lockers by their beds.As the girls had grown older things had not improved.Miss Poole had no friends and seldom had visitors, except for the girls who came over occasionally for high tea.She hated the girls, feared Miss Poole and was uncertain about her teaching.He often invited the girls back to his house, but most of them came only once.A lot of the girls do that when they walk out.Many of the girls haven't played for a while.But Bill annoyed Gabby even more than the girls when he made another crack at her when they broke for lunch.I'm going out with the girls tonight.
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