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the gods

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe godsthe godsa) RFthe force that some people believe controls their lives, bringing them good or bad luck The gods are against us. b) British English informal old-fashionedAPT the seats high up and at the back of a theatre god
Examples from the Corpus
the godsThe gods are against me!Plato also provides information about the relationship of gods and humans: human beings are one of the possessions of the gods.And, of course, that's all it is really, a joke sent by the gods to test me.But Orpheus had no rival there or anywhere except the gods alone.The genius who turned life on Earth into a virtual-reality computer game for the Gods.One needs miracles for prayers; the other, gifts for the gods.All I can say is it seemed like a gift from the gods.This is how Playgrounds of the Gods was born.He had his only son Pelops killed, boiled in a great cauldron, and served to the gods.
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